Actively Prevent and Calmly Face the Scientific Management of Alzheimer's Disease Seminar Successfully Held and Issued a Proposal
2020-09-21 20:13:00 Source: 中国老年医学学会

Proactive prevention and Calm ";Alzheimer's disease

The Scientific Management Seminar was successfully held


Led by the Chinese Geriatric Society, the Scientific Management Seminar on Alzheimer's Disease with the theme of "Active prevention, calm face" was successfully held in Beijing Media Center on September 17, 2020. Fan Li, President of the Chinese Geriatric Society, attended and delivered a speech. Experts, doctors and media from major hospitals in Beijing attended the meeting.

President Fan Li pointed out that China currently has about 10 million Alzheimer's patients, the number of the world's highest. This group is expected to exceed 28 million by 2050. In contrast to the high incidence, Alzheimer's disease in our country has three low levels - low awareness, low visit rate, and a lower proportion of people receiving treatment. Alzheimer's disease not only seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly, but also brings a huge burden to the family and society. According to the survey, in 2015, the average annual cost of Alzheimer's patients in China was as high as 130,000 yuan, resulting in a total social and economic burden of about 1.2 trillion yuan, which is expected to reach 17 trillion yuan by 2030.

President Fan Li stressed that the purpose of this conference is to take active prevention and treatment and calmly face the theme, inviting experts and scholars in these fields to jointly understand through lectures and discussions how the international community, families and individuals can improve the cognition and prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and how to increase the popularization and education of Alzheimer's disease under the background of an aging society. How to strengthen the scientific management of Alzheimer's disease, to explore a set of Alzheimer's disease, prevention and treatment characteristics of management and service system.

President Fan Li suggested that the country should pay attention to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease science and education. Mobilize government agencies, social organizations, communities, news media, etc., to actively carry out online and offline science popularization activities in various forms, disseminate basic prevention knowledge of Alzheimer's disease, and improve the scientific cognition of Alzheimer's disease. It is particularly important to carry out targeted health education activities for the elderly and their caregivers, promote the formation of a healthy lifestyle for the elderly and improve their health literacy. Under the aging society, the whole society has formed a scientific cognition of "early prevention"; of Alzheimer's disease.

The meeting was chaired by Chen Qingling, director general of the Cognitive Disorders Branch of the Chinese Geriatric Society. Xu Jun, chief physician of the Department of Neurology of Beijing Tiantan Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, made a keynote speech on "The Comprehensive burden of Alzheimer's Disease (treatment, care, medical system burden, etc.)", and Wang Huali, director of Clinical Research Office of the Institute of Mental Health of Peking University, made a keynote speech on "Interpretation of the latest National Pilot Program for Dementia Prevention and Treatment". Peng Dantao, chief physician of the Department of Neurology of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, made a keynote speech on "The whole course Management of Alzheimer's Disease";. The expert speeches reflect the current problems and status quo in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease in our country. Following the round table session, Director-General Chen Qingling discussed with the participating experts. At the end of the meeting, the Chinese Geriatric Society issued a proposal of "China should continue to increase the attention and investment in Alzheimer's disease".